A few hundred years ago, the unthinkable happened... Nuclear missiles rained from the sky, wiping nations from the globe in the blink of an eye...or in this case, a single red glowing button. Nations fell to dust, nearly everyone died. The world decayed in darkness for a few generations.

The Survivors moved underground, into pre-built tunnels and shelters, dragging what remained of their pride and technology with them. For many years, nuclear winter covered the surface of the planet. It was a matter of surviving...and waiting.. Mankind finally crawled out of their tunnels and shelters to reclaim the land, but it was no longer the same. Mutated beasts and plants were everywhere, the seas and lakes filled with unknown horrors and modified creatures. Strange rifts opened up, created by the temporal rip in space caused by the blasts. Beings from elsewhere, else-when?!!-- began occupying the planet and the surrounding space around it.

To combat these new enemies, men turned to machines and created cyborgs and stalkers. Another group of humans developed psionic abilities and they too attempted domination. Stalkers found a home in darkness and began shadowy lives. Mercenaries provided protection for a fee of course. Crazies bent the will of the world with their own, and cyborgs still walk among men and women, their cold hearts beating to some extent but never feeling.

Settlements and towns grew everywhere once again, out of the old ruins of the mighty nations. What little alliances were made on units and forces, were generally falsified in a puddle of blood.Guns and other weapons became the norm of everyday living, and fatality became a constant beat. They say that a being is only as good as his or her equipment set and skills.... The alien wars are over for now, but this is just the beginning.

This is CyberASSAULT, this is WAR.
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