The war left Earth in total chaos. Stalkers rose up from the shadows to
take their place in the new, hostile world. Extremely agile and street-wise,
stalkers are capable of going places and doing things other humans cannot.
What stalkers lack in physical strength or biological enhancement, they make
up for in guile and agility.

  Some say that these creatures are mutants, and they are partly right.
During the last Alien War, many governments funded secret experiments that
would create what they called supersoldiers, and one such experiments gave
birth to the stalker race.

  Some stalkers appear animal like due to their human genes being mixed
in with genes from other creatures, but many of them can still pass for
normal human beings if one ignores their unusual speed.

Note: Stalkers now get throwing stars, type list at the guild waiter!
Stalkers also come with bionic footjets, see 'HELP FOOTJET' and type bionics.

Stalker Class Progression:

Core          Calling           Focus 
            +--- Sniper-----|             
            |               +---Striker    
            |               +---Terrorist 
            +--- Saboteur---|              
Core class:  Stalker
Calling classes for Stalker:  Sniper, Saboteur
Focus Classes for Sniper: Assassin, Striker
Focus Classes for Saboteur: Terrorist, Spy