go east hallway, drain tub, get key

go east up, till fireplace room, 2 south with desk, search, get botany book, whistle, silver lighter, goto cerberus training room westardly, blow, get pedestal key, get pedestal key, replace the tarnished key frompedestal in sword area, go downstairs in kitchen (open freezer), get key, go outside, get flint, kill forrest by training him to the patio room, search for plantkiller (herbacide?) bottle for greenhouse

fireplace, use lighter, light fire, use mount, find mount from overturned table, go bottom floor, all east, north, up, search around

Devis newbies, 'the balcony on the east 1st floor behinda metal door'

says, 'an S-marked key'

03:47 You say, 'crap'

03:47 You say, 'haven't even seen that one'

says, 'no load info on it'

says, 'must be searched out most likely'

03:48 You say, 'hmm'

03:48 You say, 'S marked key...'

03:48 You say, 'what would the s stand for'

says, 'secret'

03:48 You say, 'creative'

03:48 You say, 'jeez'

03:48 You say, 'got all the way to the greenhouse at least'

03:48 You say, 'this is one friggin complicated area'

03:49 You say, 'i got bathtub metal key, flint, pedestal key'

03:49 You say, 'something opens the graveyard but i forget what'

it's the key from examing the arrowhead at cupid

says, 'You slam the wooden mount into the depression, and a small key...this is at the fireplace.' don't forget the mausoleum outside, look at it, use flint for it, Honey Wilder is below mausoleum

03:50 You say, 'oh wooden mount'

03:50 You say, 'ug, nolocate'

says, 'mount is searched out'

says, 'under a table lol'

says, 'thats all the trigger diggin u get'

03:52 You say, 'i've looked under two tables, how many more tables are in the zone lol'

says, 'may just be written in the room desc'

03:52 You say, 'alrighty off to find a table'

03:52 You say, 'thx'

go all east, south, bottom floor, south to study search to get AMP shotgun

motherboard in greenhouse last room

search hall of spears, cupid room, get arrowhead, examine it, use for graveyard, get sword key

Devis newbies, 'the balcony on the east 1st floor behinda metal door'

[AFK] 400

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