Recalling is the act of transporting yourself back to the Motown Armory.

The crude and outdated technology used to transport over large distances has it's downfalls. For example: large concentrations of dilithium as well as radiation will interfere with your transport signal, making recall near
impossible until the signal is enhanced. Many alien races have created technology that can effectively shield matter from being transported from a given area, unless a signal enhancer is used.

Personal homing beacons may be purchased to enhance your signal when recalling, but they can only carry so much energy at one time and must be replaced when power has depleated. Industrial-size signal enhancers can be put in place to cover a larger area, and will last as long as a power supply is available.

To use the homing beacon you must wear it or hold it, have the gadgetry skill, and not currently be in combat. You then simply recall and your signal will more than likely get through and the electrical charge may be reduced. A dead homing beacon is useless and should be junked.

Transportation will also take a toll on the human body, as a side effect a period of rest may be required after recalling.

If you are unable to recall -- suicide may be the only option if you arent carrying a homing beacon. homing beacons can be purchased at the electronics shop in Motown.

The Old Motown Armory
  Once a modern facility, the old armory was the pride of Motown, a symbol of
man's military righteousness. Now though, the facade is haggard, broken. The
vast hallways have been defaced by intruders, and the whole structure is 
blasted with the dark, charred carbon that settled on everything after the
apocalypse. The only difference is that this facility is still standing after
all the destruction, while every other structure in town was obliterated. The
fact that this building is built underground probably helped. This monument
is probably the only old world building still standing. Near the back of the 
room, a flight of stairs leads up to a smaller chamber.

A huge sign on the wall indicates that newcomers should look at it.

Oldham is standing here, surrounded by a golden aura.
Porkrinds is standing here, surrounded by a golden aura.
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