Predators live for the hunt, and everything living is their
prey. In search of worthy prey they have traveled throughout the cosmos
visiting dozens of hostile worlds. Sometime before the great war predators
came to earth to hunt humans, and since the war hunt the alien
invaders. It is rumoured that the ancient transporter in town still works,
but only for those that built it....the predators. Predators have the
skills of a true hunter. Most Predators wear special armor for the hunt,
and carry a variety of devices to aid in stalking thier prey. In what has
become of this world there are two species,
the hunter and the hunted. The Predators are the hunters, what are you?

For the predator area, read help predator-planet.

Predator Class Progression:

 Core          Calling           Focus 

            |              +---Elder        
            |              +---Predalien   

Core class: Predator 
Calling classes for Predator: YoungBlood, BadBlood 
Focus Classes for YoungBlood: Weaponmaster, Elder 
Focus Classes for BadBlood: Predalien, Mech

When progressing your character you can choose from an offensive or a
defensive calling. 
Youngblood is the defensive class tree while Badblood opens up the 
defensive tier.