04:32 Sparton gossips, 'really? me wielding a big ass motherfucking gun and this shark try to bite me'

04:32 You gossip, 'be nice to it'

04:32 You gossip, 'just an animal'

Object 'shark skin'

04:33 You gossip, 'who do u take it too?'

04:33 Sparton gossips, 'joe'

04:33 Sparton gossips, 'in dixie'

04:41 Sparton gossips, 'yeah, he randomly makes dif shit too'

04:41 You gossip, 'whoa really?'

04:41 Sparton gossips, 'so there, you just learned some new trick today'

04:41 Sparton gossips, 'wiki that rofl'

Object 'shark skin', Item type: OTHER

Can be worn on: TAKE

Item is: !DONATE

Can be salvaged into: [Trade Goods] Leather

Weight: 10, Value: 5000, Min. level: 0

Has the following perm affects: NOBITS

Long description:

This is the skin off of a large shark. It is soft to the touch, and rough on the outside, and tough enough to be made into protective clotheings. Now all you need is to know who to take it to.