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09:30 You gossip, 'not hardly worth imbueing cuz you risk negative attributes'

09:32 You gossip, 'only good imbues now is leveling eq in my experience'

09:34 Psion gossips, 'its not broken, its just very random i hooked up a 50 hitndam kevlar jacket'

09:34 You gossip, 'no possible way'

09:34 Psion gossips, 'with +2str'

09:34 You gossip, 'impossible'

09:34 You gossip, 'that was before imbue was nerfed, had to be'

09:34 Arkk gossips, 'so its just completely random pretty much?'

09:34 Psion gossips, 'totally random'

09:34 Psion gossips, 'FYI jodah, its possible to have hitNdam apply more than once to an object :D'

09:35 You gossip, 'you mean imbueing it twice?'

09:35 Arkk gossips, 'i think he means imbue it and it give hnd 2x'

09:35 Psion gossips, 'no, i mean if you roll to apply 3 attributes to an object, its possible to have all 3 of them HND'

09:35 Arkk gossips, 'if youre lucky'

09:35 Psion gossips, 'but incredibly rare'

09:35 You gossip, 'ah'

09:36 You gossip, 'it's not random though, it's based on the level of the object right'

09:36 Psion gossips, 'yeah level of item selects values from different tables'

09:36 You gossip, 'so a level 15 bio armor will never get +50 hit/dam right'

09:37 Psion gossips, 'dont quote me on this, but i believe level 15 has a max hnd of 20, so its possible to have 60 hnd'

09:37 Psion gossips, 'i cant see the tables so'

09:38 Arkk gossips, 'so your level when imbueing doe matter'

09:38 You gossip, 'does your level actually matter? warb said it was ONLY the level of the item'

09:40 Psion gossips, 'okay'

09:40 Psion gossips, 'your level doesnt matter i dont think'

09:40 Gahan gossips, 'jodah'

09:40 Gahan gossips, 'to make you feel better:'

09:40 Gahan gossips, 'the maximum roll on HitNdam = 50'

09:41 You gossip, 'on a level 40 object?'

09:41 Gahan gossips, 'a level 15 object would be 50/3 which is 16.66 or 16 according to 32 bit ints'

09:41 Gahan gossips, 'its possible to roll that 4 times.'

09:41 Gahan gossips, 'so it would give you 64 hitndam'

09:41 Gahan gossips, 'if it freaks'

09:41 You gossip, 'wow that's pretty high'

09:41 You gossip, 'what are the odds?'

09:42 Gahan gossips, 'it would be possible to get 128 hitndam'

09:42 Gahan gossips, 'on a level 15 item'

09:42 Arkk gossips, 'broked'

09:42 You gossip, 'whaaat, the odds have to be like 0.00001%, that's not broke :P'

09:43 You gossip, 'that's possible, but so unlikely right :P'

09:43 You gossip, 'so if a level 15 can get 128 hit/dam, a level 40 could get a lot more right'

09:44 Gahan gossips, 'hmm'

09:44 Gahan gossips, 'the odds for obtaining that doesnt fit on this 8 digit calculator'

09:44 You gossip, 'that is very interesting, i'll have to test that more, all i usually see is it giving me -1 dex or -20 moves :P'

09:44 Arkk gossips, 'lol'

09:45 You gossip, 'lol those odds make it impossible lol'

09:45 You gossip, '.0000000001% chance'

09:46 Gahan gossips, 'well'

09:46 Gahan gossips, 'the odds of getting 4 max hnd isnt that bad'

09:46 Arkk gossips, 'meh i dont care about hnd anymore i want normal damage resist'

09:47 Gahan gossips, 'its about 1 in 2 million to have max hnd apply 4 times'

09:47 You gossip, 'define isn't that bad if it doesn't fit on a calculator'

09:47 You gossip, 'ah'

09:47 Gahan gossips, 'to have all of them freak, i'd assume probably close to one and 100 billion'

09:47 You gossip, '1 in 100B!!!!!!!!'

09:47 Arkk gossips, 'challenge accepted'

09:47 Gahan gossips, 'hahahaa'

09:47 You gossip, 'that's literally impossible'

09:47 You gossip, 'can get change those odds :P'

09:47 Arkk gossips, 'not if you hire china to imbue stuff all day'

09:47 Gahan gossips, 'you have to roll greater than 96 to apply 4'

09:48 Arkk gossips, 'get some imbue sweatshops goin'

09:48 Gahan gossips, 'then you have to roll a 25 (in a d35)'

09:48 Gahan gossips, 'then you have to roll a 50'

09:48 You gossip, 'if i were rich, i'd hire some chinest gold farmes to imbue all day long, and they probably still wouldn't get that'

09:48 Gahan gossips, 'on a 100 (-50/50)'

09:48 Gahan gossips, 'then you have to roll 99 or higher to freak'

09:49 Gahan gossips, 'on another d100'

09:49 You gossip, 'can we un-nerfify that :P'

09:49 You gossip, 'i'm good with 1 in a 1000 chances :P'

09:49 Arkk gossips, 'that would be too easy'

09:49 Gahan gossips, 'and then if you're last roll is hnd, you have to roll over 50 in order to have a chance to roll it again'

09:50 Gahan gossips, 'and then it becomes 60, then 75, then 90'

09:50 You gossip, 'holy shizzle, so in other words, if you imbue, you'll most like get either -20 moves or -2 strength and usually both :P'

09:50 Arkk gossips, 'lol youll get your 1 in 100 billion roll on it being -20 moves each time'

09:50 Arkk gossips, 'hahahaha'

09:51 Gahan gossips, 'to consistantly roll -20 moves and -2 strength (lets say 3 times in a row) would be like winning the state lottery'

09:51 You gossip, 'totally'

09:51 You gossip, 'i'm a winner, i get that every time'

09:52 You gossip, 'i liked it better when it was broken :P'

09:53 Gahan gossips, 'someone killed linda'

09:54 You gossip, 'someone.....or...some.....thiiing?'

09:54 Zombie hulk gossips, 'Hulk smaaash Arkk!'