In the chaos surrounding the Great War, Highlanders emerged and became
known to the public. Those highlanders, feeding on the chaos, used it's cover
to strike openly at their more benevolent enemies, in the race to become
the last, the only one. Virtually immortal, Highlanders battle with 
superhuman abilities, sweeping mortals aside like wheat before the scythe.

Highlander Class Progression:


Core          Calling           Focus 

            |               +---Reaver     
            |               +---Arcane     

Core class: Highlander
Calling classes for Highlander: Knight, Bladesinger
Focus Classes for Knight: Blademaster, Reaver
Focus Classes for Bladesinger: Arcane, Bard

  A highlander has only 100 beheadings on CyberASSAULT. Every time a 
highlander is killed their essence will be deducted by one. When a 
highlander reaches 0 essence, he or she will be deleted permanently. 

Essence number can be found on a highlanders score display.

Highlander is a hardcore class and we will not help you in any way if you die