Note: This is different from the UFO researcher quests.

From Gahan:

"World Events - Every hour, theres a chance a world event will spawn, basically whats going to happen is, mobs and rifts will load throughout the universe to wreak havoc on certain areas applicable to the their level. There are several types of Wolrd Events, you can get Aliens, Mechs, Demons,Terrorists, they can be low level, mid level, high level, remort level, or ridiculously hard. Each mob and each rift need to be closed in order to"win" the world event. As you kill each event mob, theres a chance of loadinga special "shard" item. This "shard" acts similar to Questpoints, in thatthey are a currency used to trade/buy gear, however some of these shardsare extremely rare and worth an extremely large amount."

Linux always announces the rifts, as well as the updates:

[ EVENT ] Linux, Master of time and space: The universe is under seige by Aliens! Seek them out, and destroy the rifts spawning them!

Events show up on the "who" list. For example:

10 visible characters displayed out of 10 connected.


There is currently a world event in progress. Type 'eventinfo' for details.

Eventinfo brings up clues to where the events are. Race to that area and kill the mobs to close the rifts.

For example:

Current World Event Statistics:

The world is currently under attack by : Aliens

The size of invasion is classified as : Pandemic

The level of the invasion underway is : 20

There are currently 4 rifts open.

There are currently 43 attackers left to be defeated.

Areas currently being affected by invasions:

- Blade Runner

- Southern Motown

- Scifi Convention

- Gray Woods

To view the leaderboard type 'eventleaders'

If you're lucky, you'll get a shard! Many rainbow tokens are also known to drop. Type "rank rift" or "rank eventmobs" to see where you stand amongst others.