You gossip, 'actually are we going to ever have customs again? :P'
09:01 Gahan gossips, 'yes there will be customs, right now i'm working on vehicle code that is going to be really fun and offer a new dynamic way of travelling'
09:02 Gahan gossips, 'and offer interesting new features to combat'
09:02 Gahan gossips, 'and during/after the vehicles i will be focusing soley on customs'
09:02 Gahan gossips, 'vehicle code should be ready for player testing within the next couple of weeks'
09:03 You gossip, 'vehicle code, like recalling to your vehicle right'
09:05 Gahan gossips, 'vehicle code like'
09:06 Gahan gossips, 'You can enter it, drive it around, run people over, shoot at stuff, buy upgrades for it, and a gps system that will auto-pilot you to pre-determined points of interest'
09:06 You gossip, 'run people over!! i couldn't read past that, i would really like to run people over'
09:06 Gahan gossips, 'lol'
09:07 You gossip, 'sounds like a ship! loving the buying upgrade part'
09:07 You gossip, 'cuz i got cash to spend and stuff'
09:08 Gahan gossips, 'yeah it will be an extremely expensive hobby'
09:08 Gahan gossips, 'for now you will be able to buy them, but when crafting comes in, you will only be able to build them, or have them built by other players'
09:09 You gossip, 'crafting??, you gonna be one busy coder!'
09:09 Gahan gossips, 'lol'
09:09 Gahan gossips, 'You dont even know the half of it, wait until you see my crafting plans, lol'
09:10 You gossip, 'oh jeez, that means progression skills will be 2018 right :P'
09:10 Gahan gossips, 'No, i'm going to work on those at the same time too, you will notice skills start to spread out a bit more tho'
09:11 Gahan gossips, 'because theres a bunch of skills right now that are supposed to be higher progressions'