In my travels and battles I've came across almost every form of drug in this new age. Though everyone knows that drugs are bad for you, that you can die from OD, not many understand how these things work. Since new drugs are being sold and created all the time, this list is by no means up to date- however, it should cover the ones you may run into on a daily base. Hopefully this list gives you a better idea on how 'to choose your designer drugs ~Sparton

Drug         Time       Effects
Juice        10hr       -1 STR, -2 INT, +10 HIT_N_DAM
Nuke         10hr       -4 INT, -3 PCN, +20 DAMROLL
Glitch       6hr        +3 CON, +3 STR (recommended for leveling)
Jolt         10hr       -1 CON, +2 INT
Flash        10hr       -4 INT, +2 DEX
Mirage       2hr        -2 PCN, +10 REGEN_ALL
Myst         1hr        -2 INT, +2 DEX, -50 AGE
KO           1hr        -2 DEX, +50 ARMOR
Virgin       2hr        +30 REGEN_ALL, -30 AGE, regrow limbs, detox
Ice          5hr        -2 CON
Peak         4hr        +4 DEX, -2 INT, +2 PCN
Velvet       4hr        +10 STR
Lava         2hr        -2 DEX, -2 INT, +4 STR, +40 ARMOR
Ambrosia     1hr        +3 PCN, +3 INT
Voodoo       1hr        +3 STR -3 INT
Emerald      1hr        -1 INT, +32 REGEN_ALL
Honey        4hr        -9 HIT_N_DAM 
God          2hr        +2 ALL STATS, +15 AC, +10 HR, +20 DR
                           HP_PSI_REGEN Divided 4, MV_REGEN Divided 2
Menace       Instant    Room AoE attack with no damage multiplier.
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