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What is CyberASSAULT?[]


Ranting Robots for CyberASSAULT MUD! text-based MMORPG!

CyberASSAULT is a text-based MMORPG set in a sci-fi, post apocalyptic, alien invaded, technologically advanced future earth. If you would like to get right into the game we suggest downloading a free MUD client. Doing this will allow you to connect to CyberASSAULT so that you can begin hacking and slashing your way to level 40.

The file can be downloaded here, it works on all windows systems and takes up very little hdd space. If you are using another OS please see the MUSH Client WIKI for installation instructions.

Upon running MUSH Client for the first time you will want to set it up for our game. Click on file, new world and enter CA as the world name for the mud address and 11111 for the port number. After you have entered this information click the OK button to begin playing.

Another great FREE MUD client can be download here: Mudlet!


  • A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi theme including holographic simulator areas and tons of pop-geek-culture references.
  • Guns, Melee weapons, Bionics, Psionics, Pets and Explosives to do your dirty work.
  • Ranged combat! Put down an enemy from 5 rooms away!
  • Bionic implants for all classes, if you are so inclined.
  • Storage bays to horde all of the cool gear and items you find during your adventures.
  • A custom world that is always changing, built by the immortals (game masters) of the past and present.
  • FULLY MMORPG! tell your friends and group up in game!
  • A very active staff that works tirelessly to make this place great.

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