One of the more normal yet mutant races created by the global nuking,
callers are mutants who can reach out with their minds and communicate with
animals. They mostly look like average human, but tend to be a bit weaker in
both strength and psionic abilities. Though mutants are feared and hated almost
everywhere, callers are usually past off as norms, and do to their charming 
nature, they're well liked in many communities. Despite their weak start, 
callers can be devastating in conflicts- calling up monsters to do their
biddings in times of strife.

The Caller class relies heavily on the charm psionic. The idea is that the 
mutant player is able to order the pet to enact commands, assist in fighting 
etc. pets can use protect and rescue and psi heal as well as other psionics
and skills.

Note: Callers now gets a special summoning item, type list at the beast keeper
(help guild).

Core          Calling           Focus
            |               +---Beastmaster 
            |               +---Vanguard    

Core class: Caller 
Calling classes for Caller: Feral, Survivalist 
Focus Classes for Feral: Hunt, Beastmaster 
Focus Classes for Survivalist: Vanguard, Shaman